As a DJ, Greg does what he loves. He has transferred his skills in connecting people through business to connecting people on the dance floor through music. Greg is battle tested in the world of DJing and MCing with hundreds of events under his belt. He is no stranger to complicated, pressure filled events from large corporate functions to 400 person weddings and everything in between.


Dynamic crowds and ever changing event timelines have fueled his success in the event world. Prior to your event, Greg will meet everyone and triple check event logistics/musical preferences. As the self-proclaimed “event conductor” he holds himself accountable for the success of your event. He brings interactive energy to every event ensuring that everything goes perfect and that everyone is “cutting a rug” on the dance floor. Greg is a self-taught artist (DJ) with a passion for people and progression. During his free time Greg aims to constantly improve his craft and also teaches anyone who wants to learn, how to DJ at his home in Pacific Beach. He’s even been known to give crash courses, live, at events! 


As a lover of all types of music, Greg’s library goes deep and yet he still encourages requests. Greg says: “Life is about learning and staying inspired; every crowd I play for inspires me in some way - I can learn something from everyone”.